Monday, May 12, 2008

SF Camerawork - 2008 Portrait Party

I spent my weekend digital teching at SF Camerwork's 2008 Portrait Party fundraiser.

SF Camerawork is San Francisco's only nonprofit photography gallery. For the Portrait Party, they get established photographers to donate their time to shoot portrait sessions at Left Space studios. Donors get a professional portrait session, and support Camerawork all at the same time.

I organized and backed up as many as 6 sittings from each of 8 photographers over two days in a single Lightroom catalog on a Mac Pro. It was definitely up to the task. At one point, I had a photographer editing her work as I imported work from another photographer in the background and burned a CD of exports for a third.

The only real bottleneck was the ancient CF card readers, which couldn't take advantage of the 150x cards most of the photographers brought. I guess that's what you get when you tech with someone else's gear.

It was great seeing such a wide variety of shooters in action. I hope to work with Camerawork again in the future.

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